Skin Cosmetic Fillers and Sun Protection

In the quest of looking youthful women and men are using beauty fillers and dermal fillers to minimize laugh lines, crow’s feet, and forehead furrows.

These injectable aesthetic wrinkle fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are soft tissue fillers approved as medical devices by the fda. Cosmetic wrinkle additives are injected into the skin to help fill up in facial wrinkles, giving a smoother appearance dublin dermal face filler. The body eventually absorbs most wrinkle fillers.

The #1 cause of wrinkles is UV the radiation which damages the epidermis as time passes. Too much sunlight damages collagen fibers and harms cellular DNA, creating deeper lines, reducing elasticity creating a more leathery appearance. Additionally, sun harm makes it more difficult for the skin to repair itself. The sunlight can also darken pigmentation which can accentuate a -wrinkle or simply look blotchy.

The particular absolute best defense against the sun is a physical barrier between you and the sun. One example is using fabric draped across the face as the middle east women do.

If draping cloth across your face is not practical, which is often the case, consider a good wide brim sun hat or sun patio umbrella. These quite effective physical obstructs are fast and simple to use.

A wide brim protection from the sun hat or sun umbrella is very good AND ALSO protection for the sunlight rays coming downward at you, but it does not provide a barrier from the sun’s reflective ULTRAVIOLET rays. Reflective rays are those pesky UV sun rays that bounce off areas such as a parked car or the sand and come underneath your sun hat or sun umbrella.

In this article is where sunscreen makes its way into into the sun safety arena. (Whenever possible, it is never wise to think of sunscreen for all those day sun protection. Even the highest SPF sunscreen will NEVER protect as well as highest UPF cloth. )

I do believe we all know that using broad spectrum sunscreen is a must. Broad spectrum means the sunscreen has ingredients that block both UVB AND UVA. What obstruct UVA radiation are Avobenzone, Zinc Oxide and Titanium. (UVB is the sole wavelength measured in the SPF rating, so till the expression broad spectrum became popular, many sunscreens did not include UVA ingredients. )